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VAT & Payroll


We are always happy to assist clients with their VAT returns. Whether that be preparing the return from scratch or conducting a review before the return is submitted.

With the advances in cloud accounting software, many clients are comfortable carrying out their own bookkeeping. Their software will then automatically calculate the figures for their VAT return. However, the accuracy of the return is reliant on the information being entered correctly in the first place.

Some clients like us to give their VAT return a once over before they submit it. VAT isn’t always as straightforward as people think, and we will be checking to make sure VAT has been accounted for correctly. Experience tells us the areas where issues can occur, so we can target our checks at the most problematic areas.

We will also perform a more general check, looking for any potential inputting errors.


Through a third party – with whom we have had a close working relationship for many years – we can provide a full payroll and Auto Enrolment service.